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A client was experiencing a manufacturing issue that resulted in an unexpected increase in call volume. The calls were handled internally by multiple functions, as well as the main switchboard. The volume was crippling to the internal resources and the client sought a partner to handle unexpected large spikes in call volume.


We worked with the client and set up a team of skilled nurses and customer service representatives to handle inquiries, adverse events, product quality complaints and pharmacy retrievals. The program was launched initially to handle one product, but over time has transformed to meet the shifting needs of the organisation. Our contact center team began handling all brands, expanded the services provided and added programs to support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.


We’ve provided ‘stretch’ to our coverage, rapidly handling short-notice product recalls and withdrawals. Additionally, we’ve been credited with helping the client after they acquired products from another pharma company. We completed the processing in less than six weeks – half the time their internal team was projecting if they hadn’t partnered with us.

How this helped patients

The Ashfield nurses demonstrate compassion when speaking with caregivers. In many cases the callers, who are quite distressed at the start of the call, share their appreciation for the support and time the nurses spend answering their questions and / or coordinating a pharmacy exchange.


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