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Advanced basal cell carcinoma (aBCC) is an extremely rare and destructive form of cancer, that can have a serious impact on quality of life even when optimally managed. Our client’s drug offered patients an alternative to disfiguring surgery and radiotherapy, frequently with better outcomes. We were tasked with raising awareness of the treatment among patients and caregivers, and motivating them to be part of the healthcare decision-making process with their treating healthcare professionals.



To execute our client’s strategy, our teams of market researchers, creative, digital and scientific experts developed a global, multifaceted campaign and designed a creative identity for it. We conducted social listening and online landscaping activities to understand the online conversation around aBCC, the challenges faced by patients and caregivers, and the quality and quantity of medical information available to them. We facilitated tactical workshops with the international brand team to clarify understanding of the implications of our research and finalise tactical priorities. With these insights, we developed online strategic communications for patients, including a website and associated tools such as a patient discussion guide and a support forum. Finally, to ensure that the campaign’s messaging was consistent globally, we provided regional implementation documents and communication guides.



Ashfield Healthcare Communications has received excellent feedback from the international pharma brand leadership team since we launched the initial pilot programme in Canada in collaboration with a patient-centric social media campaign. Currently, localisations of the site are underway in several key European regions.


How this helped patients

We worked with the client from the initial strategy analysis to the final website build and communication campaign, incorporating our patient insights into the final output. The workshop sessions ensured that the final solution was appropriate to all key regions. This helped us provide the most relevant medical information to patients in each region, enhancing patient engagement and empowering them to be their own advocates.



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