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Die Herausforderung

  • Client needed to reduce promotional spend to maximise the profitability of a mature pharma brand
  • They still required UK coverage of a diverse customer group
  • Sales had been flat for the previous 12 months, and the client wished to maintain share whilst reducing spend by 65%

Unser Konzept

  • Client made field sales team of 15 heads redundant or redeployed to other promotional roles
  • Ashfield recruited a team of 6 Remote Account Managers plus one National Commercial Manager (hybrid field/remote role)
  • Targeting strategy devised in partnership with the client to identify and cover the highest potential accounts
  • Ashfield assisted the client in developing/adapting promotional materials for use in the remote sales channel

Das Ergebnis

  • Increase in unit and cash market share of >1% over one year versus target of 0% growth
  • Overall saving of £1 million on promotional spend. Brand ROI measure of net profit: cost of resource was 3.5:1, versus target of 2:1
  • Client expanded use of remote detailing teams to other brands in their portfolio based on this success.


£1 million

E-detailing call rates

6 per day


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