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International influence with local experience

In Portugal and Spain, Ashfield Iberia provides comprehensive solutions for the pharmaceutical industry which are tailored to local needs.

We offer several services and innovative commercial solutions:

  • Commercial outsourcing services including sales reps targeting healthcare professionals, pharmacy sales reps (focused on sell in, sell out and category management), medical science liaison teams and key accounts manager teams focused on market access.
  • Holistic patient support programmes to support self-management, increase adherence and improve disease outcomes. We provide technical support for devices, education, health psychology, training, prevention etc.
  • We implement multichannel initiatives from our specialist health Contact Centre. Most commonly, highly trained e-detailing reps interact with healthcare professionals via the phone and/or a web-based platform.

In Portugal, we deliver our services from our offices in Lisbon, staying faithful to our commitment to offer quality services, focus on results and, as always, remain close to our clients and their needs.

As an international business, there are also a variety of additional services such as healthcare communications, meetings and events and medical information which we can provide in Portugal.


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Lisbon, Portugal

Av. Dom João II, Nº 44 C -2.3
Edifício Atlantis. Parque das Nações
1990-095 Lisboa

(+351) 214 658 520

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Carlos Peres

General Manager

(+351) 214 658 520

Conceicao Simao

Head of Operations and BD

(+351) 214 658 520

Antonio Remechido

Operations Manager

(+351) 214 658 520

Marisa Rosa

Head of Human Resources

(+351) 214 658 520

Oscar Santos

Head of Finance

(+351) 214 658 520


Es geht nicht nur darum, was wir tun, sondern wie wir es tun.

Seit den Anfängen in 1997 entwickelte sich die Ashfield Healthcare rapide zu einem internationalen Dienstleistungskonzern.

Ein Teil der UDG Healthcare plc, Ashfield in 8 Kompetenzbereichen gegliedert, beschäftigt mehr als 6,000 Mitarbeiter und hat Niederlassungen in Europa, Nord- und Südamerika und Asien. Unser erfolgreiches Wachstum ist der Beweis dafür, dass wir immer unser Bestes geben und hervorragende Leistungen für unsere Kunden erbringen.