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Transforming healthcare outsourcing.

From small beginnings in 1997, Ashfield has grown rapidly into an international healthcare services organization. By anticipating the needs of our clients across the world, we now employ over 7,000 staff and have eight areas of expertise.

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Building capabilities

As our capabilities continue to grow, we always stay true to our values.

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Combined capabilities

We’ve integrated our eight areas of expertise to provide a more broad based solution for our customers.

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Delivering capabilities

In our industry demands are increasing, so we demand more of ourselves.

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The story of a ground-breaking business

Ashfield had humble beginnings. Back in 1997, Chris started Ashfield as a small contract sales organization. But he had big ideas. His vision was to transform this area of outsourcing to the pharmaceutical industry. He achieved his goal and soon Ashfield became the UK market leader. Chris set his sights on expanding the whole spectrum of outsourcing, applying the same principles of exceptional quality and delivery to everything.

Since then the organization has gone from strength to strength, acquiring like-minded businesses, each with a heritage of providing first-class services for its clients. Our shared culture has strengthened the organisation, bucking the trend so often seen in business services. Now Ashfield has eight areas of expertise, over 7,000 employees and offices throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. The ongoing success of Ashfield and its ever-growing reputation is proof that Ashfield truly delivers excellence for its clients.

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Areas of expertise

First-class expertise across all eight areas of business.

Our locations

Based in 23 countries, we offer world-class services combined with local knowledge.

UDG Healthcare

Explore our parent company and our three fellow healthcare Divisions.

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