Patient support and adherence programs

Going further when it comes to patient support

The industry has evolved from a model where the “doctor knows best” to one that is more patient-centric. In this new era, patient support programs (PSPs) represent the biggest opportunity for pharma to directly benefit patients, improve adherence and achieve better outcomes. With the trend towards outcomes-based reimbursement, there is a lot at stake for pharmaceutical companies to better serve its patients.

Ashfield develops differentiated PSPs that are truly targeted to the patients as individuals:

  • We start by uncovering all the varied reasons for non-adherence
  • We create patient segments based on the key factors which determine adherence
  • We design customised care plans for each patient segment: this means tailoring the channels we use, the frequency of contact and the messages we communicate
  • Patients are enrolled in a care plan which is right for them, not a one-size fits all PSP

At the core of our care plans are highly skilled and trained Ashfield nurse teams. Our nurses can reach the patient via the best channel and setting for them, including home visits, telephone calls and video conferencing. The support they provide could be disease state education, administration training or reminders about the importance of adherence from diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Our care plans can also include an inbound helpline, health apps, educational websites and emails. Multichannel Patient Support Programmes allow patients to find the information and support they need, when and where they want it.

We ensure quality and compliance of the highest standard, including patient data security and the reporting of adverse events  (AEs), in line with regulations and our client’s requirements. We have implemented these patient support programs successfully at both a country and multi-country level.

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Ashfield can design and implement patient support programs to improve the lives of patients and deliver return on investment for your brand. With a long history in this area, we know success requires the right healthcare staff, training and management to support the safe and appropriate use of medication. We can help patients understand the benefits and the risks of taking medications regularly, as well as over a prescribed course of therapy when appropriate. There are several reasons why patients do not comply with the drug therapy: distorted expectations of the results, cost, denial and fear of adverse events. There may also be behavioral, physical or emotional causes that impact compliance.

• We design and implement successful customized compliance patient programs to address each unique reason for non-compliance

Trained nurse case managers will communicate in the way best suited to the patient and the brand, including inbound, outbound, email, text and web/video

• Virtual nurses can assist physicians and support patients with the administration of products, e.g. using web-cams to demonstrate how to inject a product

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