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White-space and attrition can put a measurable dent in your profitability. Fill the gaps in your distribution map by putting your product in more regions without requiring feet on the ground. Lost a sales rep? Why let sales and resources suffer when an Ashfield inside sales team representative can take on the relationships and build momentum with physician offices, hospitals and pharmacies.

Our skilled representatives get past the gatekeepers to the decision makers who control the buying decisions. Rapid distribution of information makes inside sales a competitive alternative or supplement to field representatives who can only access a limited number of offices in a day.

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Phone detailing, formulary announcements and sample/literature placement are powerful and inexpensive methods of detailing. Our call center is staffed by pharmaceutical sales representatives and by a variety of pharmacists and nurses. They know how to get past gatekeepers and can communicate with healthcare professionals who make the buying decisions. We can also help manage the office sample closet inventory or support you in a crisis. Our staff can disseminate information quickly and can get through to more offices in a day than a field representative ever could.

Hybrid representatives
• Inside pharmaceutical sales representatives who speak to physician offices daily
• They can fill in for field representatives and will temporarily move to your location

Video detailing
• Physicians can have clinical discussions or receive information via video
• Performed through a shared view micro site
• Audio and visual combination helps customers retain new or updated information

Click to chat/click to call
• Physicians can request a call back by clicking on a website
• Our communicators will call them back at a time convenient to them

Mobile applications
• Smartphone application so physicians can receive information wherever they are
• Features include sample requests, short videos, requesting a representative or literature
• Information and access to reps is easily available out of hours

Hospital profiling services
• Database contains all pertinent information about individual hospitals
• Details of who is involved in buying decisions such as physicians and pharmacists
• Saves time for your field sales team and accelerates your launch success

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