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Sales force excellence

Ashfield Insight & Performance helps you develop the skills of your sales representatives and first line managers, boosting productivity on the front line.

The performance directors at Ashfield Insight & Performance all have a minimum of 15 years’ commercial experience in pharma. They are able to bring their wealth of experience to help you improve the performance of your front line team through sales excellence consultancy, sales and coaching training, and skills benchmarking.

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  • Disease and product training

    We design, develop and deliver disease and product training across all media for a blended-learning experience that delivers disease and product knowledge excellence to  your sales team. For more information on our disease and product blended-learning solutions, click here.

  • Validation

    We can help you validate and certify your sales force to measure accurate application of knowledge and ensure compliance. These validations can utilize a variety of  mechanisms such as role plays, vivas and written tests (paper-based or digital). We can organize role-play assessments with real healthcare professionals that are realistic, compliant and can be benchmarked.

  • Benchmarking and skills auditing

    We can help you identify your sales force skill gaps and development needs for sales representatives and first line sales managers. We offer a range of assessment solutions in a wide range of languages, including:

    • In-call quality (ICQ) simulations using real healthcare professionals or role players to provide a realistic selling simulation in a compliant manner. Online reporting is available and results can be benchmarked against industry norms.
    • Assessment and development centers to assess selling skills, provide in-depth individual and team analysis, and detailed development recommendations
    • In-field shadowing to assess true capability in the field
    • Online self and 180° assessment
    • Coaching development centers for first line sales managers, using coaching simulations to benchmark current coaching capabilities and areas for development

  • Selling skills and continuous learning

    We have extensive experience helping sales teams to improve their selling skills. All training is tailored to your sales processes/call model and terminology to address your  specific needs. Examples include insight-led selling, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills and closing excellence.

    We can help you maintain the capabilities of your sales force through continuous learning interventions such as:

    • Relevant and engaging digital assets such as objection handling apps, best-practice video / animated demos, infographics, retention quizzes and gamification
    • Tailored training sessions within sales conferences or cycle meetings, to embed knowledge and practice real-world application, or further develop key selling skills

  • Coaching for first line sales managers

    Our experienced sales and management coaches leverage their experience to improve the performance of your first line sales managers. Tailored performance coaching support can be provided in a variety of formats, including 1:1, virtual and group coaching, as well as digital apps such as coaching guide apps, and coaching and difficult conversation videos.

    We provide coaching masterclasses, tailored to your coaching model. These are designed to enhance coaching skills, identify development areas, and provide meaningful and objective feedback so each individual can develop their own coaching plan.

  • Sales process and development and implementation

    We can leverage our commercial healthcare and sales excellence experience to develop robust processes, which will enhance the performance of your sales teams. Click here to find out more.


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Ashfield offers a wide range of world-class, market leading services that include medical sales teams, inside sales, contact centers, clinical educators, patient support programs, medical communications, medical information, meetings and events, market research and training.