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In any business, there is rarely just one way to accomplish a goal. When it comes to creating impact for a pharma brand, we emphasize that there can be many tailored solutions to achieve a goal. Through multi-channel solutions, your business can extend its reach without depleting its resources. Our multi-channel solutions integrate programs such as field sales, tele-detailing, e-detailing, e-communication and fulfillment processes under a single contract.

This distinctive option delivered by Ashfield drives innovative expansion possibilities and the capability to work smarter. Evaluating the market, your product, messaging and existing programs, multi-channel solutions are a unique adaptation of services to optimize results. A dedicated client account manager manages your program, simplifying and streamlining the process.

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It allows you to adapt your message to different customers so you can utilize a number of medical communication channels, aiming at physicians, offices and healthcare professionals. This approach is unique to Ashfield and each integrated program is managed by one Client Account Manager and organized under a single contract. This simplifies the whole process – saving you time, legal work and the number of conference calls you have to make.

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