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Multi-sponsored scientific congress

Proactive facilitators bridging the gap between educational leaders and multiple funding bodies ensuring highest scientific independence.

Strategically guiding robust and credible programmes for international congresses to deliver success.

We strive to deliver excellence. In an ever-changing meetings landscape, our team constantly re-evaluate trends to ensure learning environments maximize engagement and optimize outreach. We have a highly experienced team with a proven track record of initiating solid, ethical educational platforms for target audiences. Listening to and understanding the needs of all parties informs strategy and direction. Tackling even the most demanding challenges to overcome issues, our team interprets evolving compliance regulations to effectively guide stakeholders to deliver clinically meaningful results.

We work to:

  • Establish a dynamic program, communicating scientific content effectively.
  • Collaborate with societies, institutions and organisations aligning goals.
  • Evaluate, investigate and recommend and deliver stimulating promotional campaign.
  • Oversee, implement and direct all important review processes (eg accreditation, abstracts, scholarships, press).
  • Negotiate equitable cross-city terms and high delivery standards with all suppliers.
  • Harness technology to broaden audience reach beyond the life of the physical event.

Find out more about our multi-sponsored scientific congresses…

1. HIV Glasgow, now in its 26th year continually builds its reputation for scientific excellence.
2. presents an authoritative program tailored to regional issues

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