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Commercial excellence for your organization

Our consultants can evaluate and develop the marketing of your brand, as well as help transform leadership and organizational approaches.

We understand the challenges you face. To maintain a competitive lead you must adapt to the healthcare environment’s increasingly complex needs: patent expiry, reduced blockbuster development, shrinking product differentiation, market access barriers – the list goes on. We can help you overcome these issues and optimize your commercial success. Our consultants have extensive up-to-date knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical industry and know how to build a high performing culture which delivers on expectations. We’ll meet with you to discuss and evaluate your needs, then propose objectives tailored around you. Once you’re happy, we’ll put them into action and get results.

• Marketing consultancy
• Marketing process development and evaluation
• Brand development
• Leadership
• Organizational

Marketing process development and evaluation

With our extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we can provide you with a robust marketing process that works in the real world, not just in theory; increasing your sales and giving you the advantage. Our consultants will review and identify any gaps or issues within your existing processes or work with you to develop new ones. We’ll then work with your team to create a model of excellence on which to benchmark. We can manage implementation of the process, including pilots, measurement of success and adjustments in line with findings. This includes:

• Input from key team members and stakeholders
• Full integration of the new process into current processes, with timings and updates for each stage
• Communication kick-off meeting
• Training process workshops

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Brand development
With over 20 years’ marketing experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, our consultants can work with your brand team to apply specific marketing processes to address any issues your brand has. They’ll review your global and local brand plans across various markets, providing constructive feedback and identifying future training needs such as brand development workshops.

Our consultants are experts in facilitating the creation and implementation of strategic vision and missions within organisations.
• We’ll work with your leadership team to help provide clarity, commitment and accountability
• Supporting your leaders, we’ll help create and sustain success
• We’ll identify strategies for improving leadership competencies at all levels

The culture of your organisation effects every aspect of how you work, both with customers and each other. We can identify how employee alignment and engagement might be improved by using the Denison Culture Tool ®. Our consultants will then work with the leaders within your business to ensure creation of that all-important high-performance culture.

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