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Boosting productivity on the frontline

Measuring your team’s skill, identifying their potential and coaching them to be the best they can be.

We can ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities by maximizing the potential of your sales team. Sales force insight goes beyond the standard benchmarking training by providing in-depth analysis and training recommendations. We also use real-life scenarios to measure, evaluate individual and team performance. We constantly review and revise our methodologies to ensure the training is tailored to the specific needs of your team, your business objectives and the environment. Our online portal will enable all your team to access individual reports so they can continue to progress even after the training is complete.

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We can provide:
• The right training in line with your core objectives
• Compliant project management with in-house medical approval throughout
• Evaluation criteria designed in line with selling model, competencies and behaviours
• Recruitment of healthcare professionals from an opt-in panel of over 700
• Onsite briefings and facilitation
• Independent assessors, providing one-to-one feedback and evaluations
• In-depth individual and team analysis with detailed training and development recommendations
• Real-time reporting and insight portal
• Industry benchmark data for core comparisons

In-Call Quality for building on your team’s strengths.
In-Call Quality is an established method of measuring your sales team’s skills, competencies and behaviours in real-life selling scenarios with HCPs. The process will identify individual strengths, potential and development areas. In-Call Quality can be used to:
• Evaluate the team post ITC
• Ensure the team are confident and knowledgeable with new product information and brand materials
• Identify training needs at a national level
• Measure progress post-training intervention

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