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Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

Delivering Innovative and Differentiated MSL Expertise

Communicating critical medical and scientific information

Medical Science Liaisons play a unique role in engaging with key opinion leaders. Ashfield offers a highly effective and efficient full service including Strategic Planning, KOL Identification, Content Development, Recruiting, Training and Deployment. We cost effectively distinguish your organization’s quality and level of scientific exchange with medical experts. Our solution involves the integration of a pioneering MSL capability, dedicated remote MSL staff (a.k.a. virtual or remote scientific liaisons), to proactively increase the overall reach and frequency of your scientific engagement plans.

Improving Medical Affairs Effectiveness & Efficiency

Ashfield’s innovative Medical Science Liaison staffing solution includes the deployment of both field MSLs and remote scientific liaisons (RSLs) to optimize your organization’s resource allocation and focus effort for highest impact. For example, integrating a dedicated remote MSL function into your Medical Affairs organization enables greater field focus on highest priority KOLs while enhancing your team’s overall KOL interactions. RSLs can help expand national KOL coverage of a therapeutic area (e.g. Tier 1-2 in remote/vacant geographies, Tier 3 field MSL non-targets) or can be deployed to increase portfolio coverage with effort against specialties not covered by the field team. In addition to sole or shared coverage of KOLs the field MSL is unable to reach or sufficiently engage, RSLs can also support the field MSL team by assuming responsibilities for some time consuming activities like coordinating advisory boards or following up on field sales requests for response to physician inquiries.

Recruiting and Deploying Highly Equipped Staff

Ashfield’s field and remote Medical Science Liaisons are a trusted source of unbiased, accurate, up-to-date medical and scientific knowledge. We use our unparalleled capability to recruit and train a fit for purpose team. We identify high quality credentialed MSLs, ensuring appropriate medical/scientific research backgrounds and experience necessary for conducting highly credible and engaging scientific exchange with KOLs. We screen for exceptional communication skills and a high proficiency for leveraging technology to interact with the KOL community. Our in-depth training develops the caliber of MSL expertise critical for engaging on a peer-to-peer level about a particular therapeutic area and clinical trial data with KOLs. Ashfield MSLs are trained to be confident and think quickly while responding to questions and gaining key insights from the medical community. Our rigorous, interactive and measurable training programs combined with high quality materials (posters, slide decks, animations, videos, data visualizations) enable field and remote MSLs to describe scientific concepts in a most memorable way.

Integrating Remote Scientific Liaisons (Virtual/On Demand/Remote MSLs)

An ever increasing demand for Medical Science Liaisons coupled with field capacity limitations require innovative, cost-effective approaches to executing scientific engagement plans. Furthermore, the number of KOLs who prefer to interact virtually continues to grow significantly with many identifying as part of an “online KOL” community. Industry evidence as well as successfully executed pilots indicate a significant opportunity for integrating a scalable RSL staffing solution. Ashfield is well poised to enhance and differentiate your MSL organization with its highly innovative and integrated approach to delivering an exponential increases in your level of scientific exchange.


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