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Clinical trial support

Complete support from recruitment to AE/PCQ intake

Extensive high-quality clinical trial support from a provider with nearly 20 years’ experience

Ashfield has been providing clinical trial screening and referral services since 1995. We have the experience, capabilities and expertise to take care of your clinical support needs from start to finish, and everything in between. We can handle responses generated by all media including broadcast, print, direct mail, and web.

• Relieve sites of handling calls
• Assure consistent and thorough screening
• Provide a more qualified patient to each site
• Handle intake of adverse events and product quality complaints for enrolled patients
• Provide the sponsor with a patient database that, with the use of an opt-in question, can be used for future trials
• Provide the ability to direct patients to the sites most in need
• Assure that patients are recruited for YOUR trial
• Provide the sponsor timely daily reporting on recruitment activity

  • Latest news

    Multiple Areas of expertise / Multiple Locations

    19 Jan 2014

    Ashfield becomes integrated commercial and medical service provider

    The new Ashfield brand integrates a range of services to provide a flexible and versatile...

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  • Latest news

    Multiple Areas of expertise / Multiple Locations

    27 Jan 2014

    Ashfield redefines healthcare outsourcing to meet pharma’s challenges

    UDG Healthcare plc has integrated its sales, marketing and medical services within one division,...

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