Medical Information

Crisis management

Medical information support for crisis or recall

If there’s a sudden spike in calls, product complaints or bad press, we can ensure you’re ready to take the appropriate action.

Our BE READY package provides a fully prepared, documented process for dealing with a crisis before it hits. The logistical steps you need to follow are already in place and ready to follow. This saves incredibly valuable time, giving you hours and days to put contingencies in place before a crisis ever occurs. This not only minimizes the impact of a crisis, but also saves you a vast amount of time, energy and stress, so you can resume business as usual – as swiftly as possible.

BE READY consists of:

• Meetings with key players to start up a plan with a recurring review every six months to update applicable processes and contacts
• All documents are easily accessible on a password protected website
• Toll-free numbers will be ordered in advance and tested regularly
• If we’re not already your provider of medical information services, we’ll provide a system ready to capture all the relevant information
• Reports will be defined and programmed
• If we’re not already using your safety database, we’ll have all the required forms, such as adverse event and product complaint, defined and on file
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) created for each area of the process with documentation of the complete process flow established
• We’ll be prepared to handle the additional case entry of AEs

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