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Patient and healthcare professional medical information

We support life science clients of all sizes, including emerging, mid and large pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device organizations.

With almost two decades of experience, we stand out in the market with our best-in-class operational control and quality management, leading to compliance and service excellence. As your strategic partner with a can-do philosophy, we’re focused on putting you first -delivering continuous improvement and cost savings for you. The Ashfield quality management system is critical to this. From the initiation of the project through to the maintenance phase, we’ll openly share our results so you can benefit from them.

• We handle thousands of medical information inquiries, adverse events and quality complaints each month
• Our information service allows patients and health-care professionals to utilize multiple types of communication channels to gain access to critical information
• We’ll provide you with flexible staffing models and operational hours that can adapt to your changing needs
• Our team of trained representatives can use your own systems or our IRMS database
• You’ll benefit from data resulting from these programs including data analysis, impacts and trends, and any operational efficiencies that can be achieved

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    Multiple Areas of expertise / Multiple Locations

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    Multiple Areas of expertise / Multiple Locations

    27 Jan 2014

    Ashfield redefines healthcare outsourcing to meet pharma’s challenges

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