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Strategic Meetings Management: The Ashfield Approach

Strategic planning to quantify cost savings and quality compliant reporting

Partner with us and embrace strategic meetings management to collate, review and analyze your meeting and events data and achieve your business objectives. Our effective strategic meetings management consultation will break down a potentially overwhelming program into bite-sized steps. Ashfield’s consultants use a collaborative approach to deliver excellence, provide direction in the planning process and ensure meeting programs are providing return on investment. By adding an understanding as to what is being spent and adopting control measures, your strategic meetings management plan will consistently achieve a higher return on investment and objectives.

Strategic Meetings Management

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  • Focused Efforts

    As a true strategic partner, we will work with you to tailor your program in incremental steps. We will prove the valueable short term wins every step of the way, while maintaining the long term vision for your program's success.

  • Focused Efforts

    As a leading healthcare meeting and events agency, we continually evolve with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, allowing for the transfer of knowledge.

  • Evaluate & Build

    Our extensive experience includes strategic consultancy, customized implementation plans, and an incremental, seamless launch.

  • Evaluate & Build

    Our consultants use a collaborative approach allowing us to analyze your data, identify pain points and communicate success. We phase and track the implementation to ensure risks and barriers are addressed through the selection of the right technology for the overall meetings policy.

  • Embark Toward Success

    We are experienced in flawlessly streamlining your internal departments, vendors and partners to ensure the vested success of your program.

  • Embark Toward Success

    We optimize your meeting spend to demonstrate to your organization tangible efficiencies, both financial and operational through strategic sourcing, leverage of spend across services, risk mitigation and innovation.

  • Lasting Results

    Demonstrating what succcess looks like at every step, we create a clear path forward staying focused on your long term objectives.

  • Lasting Results

    We prove your program, and therefore our partnership is a success. We effectively implement your program in clearly defined phases and set you up for continual refinement and evolution of your SMM.

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