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Our client found a number of significant hurdles to adoption and appropriate use of their asthma biologic. The main barriers to adoption were the lack of understanding about the appropriate patient type and a low level of confidence among the staff to correctly administer the medication. Restricted access to key HCP practices also posed a challenge for our client’s field sales team.


Ashfield designed an educational program and deployed a team of 30 highly skilled, passionate nurses with national certification as asthma educators. They partnered with the client’s sales force to educate and certify HCPs on the client’s product. Education started with the asthma guidelines to support the correct use of the product and help identify the ideal patient candidate. Ashfield created a customer centric strategy targeting allergist and pulmonologist offices in areas of the highest need. Ashfield nurses also provided service re-design consulting to help HCP practices incorporate optimal patient flow and use of the product.


The program ran for 6 years and was twice awarded the client’s Marketing Excellence Award. The Ashfield team exceeded goals for clinical educator programs conducted with the most important targeted accounts, resulting in a significant increase in appropriate patients identified per month and a ROI of 3:1 for incremental new patient starts on the brand.


“I want to recognize the team of [asthma educators]. They continue to collaborate at the highest level. They are a great example of what good looks like specific to collaboration, leveraging the nurse educator resource in the right place with the right message and execution of strategy.” “The territories…are benefiting from a growth rate that is roughly 4% higher than our national average. [Ashfield’s] clinical acumen, experience, and collaboration skills have had an immediate impact on our division.”

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