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Our client, who was looking to launch a diagnostic platform across multiple geographical markets, needed the development and implementation of a strategic multichannel communications plan, targeted at both clinical and laboratory audiences.


A multi-agency, multiskilled proposition was taken up by the client combining ACUMED’s heritage in multichannel communications with the consulting and proprietary methodology solutions offered by InterPhase Consult and eMedFusion aligned with input from CreativeFusion and executed across congress exhibition booths by Medex-Media.

The client benefited greatly from the seamless communications and interactions across the Ashfield agencies providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ service.


A fully integrated and consistent communications plan for the product and the client, achieved in a time efficient manner due to efficiencies from a multi-agency proposition. The expertise held within each of the agencies has produced best-in-class solutions which have helped shape both the strategy and the visibility of the product in the marketplace.

“I have been extremely impressed and satisfied with the support, understanding, creativeness and top-to-bottom organisational engagement we are receiving from the team. My goal was to leverage a full-service marketing/communications agency to support the launch of our new platform with an integrated approach to support: brand and logo design, scientific and external brand messaging, booth design and digital marketing plan. They have hit the mark.”

How This Helped Patients:

The education, awareness and recent take-up of the diagnostic platform is starting to impact the critical care of infectious disease patients and save lives.


This ‘one-stop-shop’ case study demonstrates all of Ashfield’s values and how our quality, partnership, ingenuity, expertise and energies can be combined to maximum effect and ultimate client benefit.

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