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Our client needed to identify external experts in the laboratory and clinical global communities to engage and educate around their infectious disease, diagnostic platform in pre-launch phase


Our proprietary solution, eX3, a holistic approach to expert identification and engagement, combining traditional and online authority and presence and metrics, met our clients’ needs


4,000 external experts identified across all target regions with full off- and online datasets providing a strong base to support effective engagement strategies

“Wow, this is really impressive! I’m hugely impressed with the level of detail supplied, the number of external experts in the final results, the relevance of those external experts to the product/therapy area and the spread of external experts across all regions.”

How this helped patients:

Engaging with the right external experts is helping to educate key stakeholders on the potential major impact this new technology diagnostic platform could have on saving patient lives through the correct identification of pathogens within a shorter timeframe


The ground-breaking eX3 external expert identification and engagement proprietary methodology, demonstrates Ashfield’s commitment to quality and innovative solutions for our clients

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