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The client was interested in exploring cost-effective options for covering high potential prescribers of an established pain medication. The client was specifically interested in validating if inside sales representation was a viable alternative to field sales.


Ashfield established an inside sales team to detail approximately 1,500 non-targeted high value healthcare professionals while the client used their field sales team for targeted HCP details. A control group with a similar HCP profile was also established. Ashfield closely monitored the results achieved from this educational outreach, based on eventual increases in prescriptions and the total costs of promotion. Results were measured at baseline, after 6 months and after 12 months.


Ashfield’s inside sales team successfully detailed 95.6% of the physicians selected. Of the total reached by Ashfield, 57% of healthcare professionals requested samples of the product. Due to a better understanding of the product’s efficacy in managing the pain suffered by their patients, the targeted HCPs did increase the scripts written for the product. In this regard, the HCPs reached by inside sales and field sales showed comparable results in script increases after 12 months (8.7x and 9.1x for inside sales and field sales respectively, compared to 1.4x in control group). Ashfield found that while both methods were comparably successful, the inside sales team was a more cost-effective alternative than field sales team for this particular program.

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