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When two CNS medications went generic, a leading specialty pharma company wanted to maximize redemption rates of their co-pay cards for their branded equivalent. The co-pay card allowed patients to stay on the brand product at the same price as the generic products while maintaining treatment efficacy and safety. As part of the process, the pharma company decided to track and compare efficacy of different approaches to achieve that objective.


The company partnered with Ashfield to drive redemption and to compare the effectiveness of different approaches. The drug was included as a 3rd position detail by their in-house field force, promoted using a field-based customer service representative team and included as part of an Ashfield’s inside sales program. All three approaches called on a different group of selected physicians.

The Ashfield inside sales team made two rounds of calls to the selected physicians to inform them of the current situation and the value of being able to offer patients the co-pay program. In the first round of calls, the Ashfield team discussed the program with selected healthcare professionals and didn’t actively offer samples unless requested. In the second round of calls, the Inside Sales team actively offered the product to all selected healthcare professionals. During the first round of calls, the Ashfield inside sales representatives reached 88% of the audience. During the second round, they successfully increased reach to 93%.


With a 4.7% redemption rate, Ashfield’s inside sales program was more effective than both the client’s own field force (3.63%), and the field-based customer service rep team (2.7%). Ashfield’s inside sales program was thus the single most effective way of driving redemption rates. When inside sales representatives offered samples, requests jumped from 5% to 69% of the target audience ending in a total of close to 600 requests since the start of this program. About 92% of orders were completed during the second call when the medical sales representatives were following up from the first call.

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