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After seeing no significant sales growth of a particular product during 2011-12, our client needed additional sales support to drive sales in the second half of 2012.



We put together a sales team that was trained by the client and which passed product and selling validations at the first attempt. The representatives were commended on their enthusiasm and how quickly they grasped the product’s key messages.



In the field, the representatives performed outstandingly. They made almost 8,000 contacts with healthcare professionals, exceeding the target of 6,000. As a result, product sales grew by 4.8% between July and October, compared to the previous four months. The moving annual total growth was 3.4% and the brand achieved sales plan in two consecutive months for the first time that year.


The client said

“Every member of the team helped to improve the sales performance through the back end of 2012 – they were professional, cooperative and bang on message from day one. Our partnership was certainly an extremely positive experience for myself and my cross-functional team. Thank you once again one and all. It’s been a great pleasure working with you.”

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