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Our client needed to relaunch a product which had previously been unsuccessful due to the strength of the competition. It had subsequently been approved as a treatment for more conditions, driving the decision to relaunch.


We delivered a strategic approach to the relaunch by matching the product’s capabilities to market needs, developing strong positioning and messaging, setting clear launch goals, increasing the sales team’s knowledge and confidence, priming the market and timing the launch to maximize sales. We combined our creative, content, digital and production skills to create a series of conferences which focused on the product’s newly proven breadth, simplicity and efficacy – paired with a winning sales team


The product is now the market leader in over 50% of regions and this is increasing weekly, with significant sales spikes after each conference. Ashfield Insight & Performance were also involved in delivery, who have supported the project with workshops, training proposals and conference content.


“The team did an outstanding job and were an absolute pleasure to work with, thank you.”

How This Helped Patients:

Healthcare providers are now better informed about the benefits of this treatment, helping patients receive more appropriate care for their specific needs.

Delivering Events With Certainty & Impact

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