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Our client was about to launch a new medical product and wanted to raise awareness among pharmacists of its benefits, costs, indications and reimbursement routes. Pharmacists play a huge role in a successful launch so it was essential they were properly briefed and could support the product.



This was an extremely time-sensitive project and the client needed us to deploy an expert medical  inside sales team very quickly. We profiled, recruited, trained and deployed a team of 15 high-calibre inside pharma sales representatives in under four weeks.



The medical sales team delivered over 18,000 successful pharmacy calls per month, maximising the client’s reach and reinforcing the existing field sales promotion. By educating the pharmacists on the product’s benefits, they drove dispensing rates beyond the client’s expectations.


The client said

“As always, thank you for the quick response and execution. This has quickly gone from idea to reality and you have again delivered – thank you.”


How this helped patients

We made sure pharmacists had a sound understanding of the product’s benefits and felt comfortable dispensing it. This enabled them to give patients clear, well-informed advice so they could get the maximum benefit from the product.

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