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An emerging specialty pharmaceutical company needed a strong partnership to help create their commercial organization and build a presence in cardiology. They required a partner with quality, speed and ingenuity to launch their first commercial product. Our Client’s needs ranged from payer and trade strategy to building, deploying and supporting a cardiology specialty sales team.


Ashfield Market Access laid the groundwork with payer market research, a strategy for product coverage and an analysis of how to optimize the field sales team by recommending the highest opportunity coverage areas. Our Client determined that an expanded partnership with Ashfield to deploy the sales team ensured tight synergies with the payer strategy, and that Ashfield was perfectly suited to build and deploy a national sales force of 40 experienced cardiology sales representatives with proven success in the market. The full suite of services for the sales team included:

o Full back-office support
o Recruitment, training
o On-boarding and employee retention programs
o Compliance
o Finance
o Human resources
o Sales operations including sample accountability, sunshine act reporting, and business intelligence


Ashfield successfully recruited a specialty pharmaceutical sales team within seven weeks and all representatives passed initial sales quality certification. At the six month milestone, the sales growth was approximately 20% ahead of the projected forecast. Due to valuable partnership created and success of the program, our Client also added a second smaller sales force with Ashfield promoting their oncology brand.

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