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Our client wanted to provide a forum where healthcare professionals could meet and discuss the latest data/hot topics in their field. They also wanted to disseminate objectively the latest published clinical data from their trials. Clinical content had to be tailored so that it was relevant to each region.



We developed and delivered a series of scientific educational meetings across the world to improve the initiation and intensification of treatment by healthcare professionals. There was a particular focus on special patient populations.



As an example of feedback from one of the meetings, 92% of delegates rated the overall event experience as excellent and 79% said the educational information would change their clinical practise. Meetings continue to be rolled out across the world.


The delegates said

“Best conference I’ve been to in years” and “a wonderful academic feast”.


How this helped patients

Healthcare professionals became more confident in how to treat patients, with eight out of 10 saying it would change their clinical practise.

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