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Our client had developed a baby milk product for a specific market segment and wanted to promote this to 1,500 pediatricians, raising awareness and increasing sales. They lacked the resources to reach this number of doctors and asked Ashfield to help



We created a hybrid sales force, including 30 field sales representatives and four call center agents. Together they made alternating calls and visits to our target doctors over a 12-month period.



Our client is seeing double-digit sales increases month on month and the feedback from doctors is mostly positive.


The client said

“Brand awareness tracking is demonstrating the positive impact of the sales force, and awareness within the target group is increasing. As a result, we decided to extend the project for a longer period.”


How this helped patients

We distributed a huge range of flyers to the parents of the affected children, with the communication focus changing from quarter to quarter. Giving doctors diagnostic sets instead of samples was also critical to the project’s success.

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