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The challenge

  • Our client had flat sales over the past year for buy and bill brand. The goal: grow the business by 7% in Q2 vs. Q1
  • Current bonus pay-out ineffective to motivate growth
  • The product message and sales aid was over 4 years old and ineffective
  • Price increases hindered the sales teams' efforts due to inconsistent communication

Our approach

  • Ashfield provided a commercial strategy service and rebuilt the core framework - training, sales aids and messaging
  • We established a new "business builder" rep profile, evaluated current talent against it, and made changes as needed
  • We coordinated the re-launch meeting, bringing everyone together to lay out new expectations, activity and messaging

The outcome

  • The client was experiencing flat sales and, through our commercial strategy expertise, was able to turn their sales force around and immediately create growth
  • Average calls per day increased from 5.4 to 8.2 with 9% sales growth over baseline for Q2 - exceeding the 7% growth goal
  • Client successfully transitioned team onto headcount
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I appreciate and applaud your efforts in executing and setting the tone to help this team succeed

National Director, Sales & Marketing

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