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The challenge

  • Company field sales team promoting portfolio of ophthalmology brands to traditional ophthalmology targets
  • Current field sales team had difficulty accessing physicians
  • Optometrists also being targeted by field sales team, but only as secondary targets
  • Recently graduated optometrists were becoming important target for potential long-term relationships

Our approach

  • Ashfield built an Inside Sales Team to carry out outbound calls to these new targets
  • Initial pilot started with five representatives, quickly grew to seven FTEs and now has eight total in 3rd year
  • Support offered included patient counselling materials, savings programs and compliance tips
  • Key marketing message: HCPs to pinpoint patients much earlier in their disease progression and choose proper treatment

The outcome

  • The team was treated as an extension of the client driven by strong partnership
  • 124 Average outbound calls per day with 48.9% of details reaching a Prescribing HCP. Year two vs year one Rx increased by 7%, year three vs year two Rx increased by 13%.
  • Since the start, 2,100 Ashfield targets have been transferred to the field sales calling list due to their high Rx volumes.
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