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Long-term call center reliability

Medical Information / USA

Long-term partnership approach delivers seamless client support


Our client faced high call volumes following the launch of a first-in-class birth control treatment.


Instead of hiring short-term staff to deal with the high call volume, the client contracted us to help. Over time the model was modified to accommodate changing needs. For example, the client had a hiring freeze and wanted their staff to focus on their specialty and new products. They then wanted us to handle all mature products. A few years later, the client adjusted their model so their team could focus on healthcare professionals. As a result we managed over 50 products, supporting patients’ inquiries, adverse events and product quality complaints.


We’ve enjoyed a long-lasting, mutual partnership with this client and have been credited with quick responsiveness in dealing with recalls and other crisis events. In one particular instance, we successfully added more than 30 nurses to the team to handle calls relating to a media story breaking about the product. We were given just a few hours’ notice.

How this helped patients

Our team are empathetic to callers and successful in imparting clinical explanations in a way that patients and caregivers understand.

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