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Our client had an atopic  product that was failing to reach its potential market share due to a lack of penetration in three out of five of its product lines. Sales were below their expectations and they were keen to boost both sales and loyalty.


We set up a program designed to reach 3,300 more pharmacies through an 11-strong dedicated pharmacy sales team. We also offered the client’s own sales teams additional support in areas not covered by the new team. To increase sales across the portfolio, we leveraged the umbrella brand and provided specialist trainers to visit and train pharmacy staff. They could also support stock requests if pharmacies required.


The program quickly grew from a pilot into a fixed team including 25 pharmacy trainers. Today, it’s generating superb market share growth results and significant sales increases across the range.

How this helped patients

We supported our client in raising awareness of its full range of products and developing understanding among the pharmacists who will be selling and advising on them. For patients, this means better advice on a wider range of therapy possibilities.

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