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Nurse advisors boost patient confidence and compliance

Clinical / United Kingdom

Patient-focused nurse team solution improves patient care


Our client’s product is used to treat a challenging therapy area, and effective compliance is essential for the best results. They wanted to educate patients on self-administration to help them achieve maximum benefit.


We provided the client with a team of three nurse advisors, who work nationally to support patients using this treatment. The nurses offer support, advice and education to help patients comply properly.


The service is very well-received by patients and more are sticking with their treatment in the longer-term. In fact, one patient wrote to the Minister for Health expressing her satisfaction with the care she was receiving from various healthcare workers, but in particular from one of our nurse advisors. She commented that she’d been given comprehensive, sensitive training and was now happily using the product.


How this helped patients

This program is helping to improve patients’ quality of life by offering support, information and training on their illness and treatment, emphasizing the importance of compliance.

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