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Our pharmacovigilance client was looking to change their medical information call center vendor due to pain points relating to pricing, ability to quickly obtain reports and data, and efficiency.



Ashfield Pharmacovigilance proposed a plan that would balance our skill set in pharmacovigilance and medical information to provide an efficient low volume call center option. This option streamlined the use of resources by granting the client dedicated team members who would take the incoming call and process the case.  Ashfield Pharmacovigilance’s experienced and knowledgeable PV case managers recognize the hindrance of vague information downstream and are trained to gather thorough information without asking leading questions.  In addition, this model allowed all other SME’s in pharmacovigilance and medical information case manager staff to work in tandem in the same building, making resources easily accessible and data more quickly accessible to the client.



This model of the same person taking the call and processing the case offered our client cost savings because they no longer need one team member on each end waiting for a call to come in and / or a case to be trickled down.  Our client also found a decrease in inconsistencies and questions with the combined call intake and case processing model because our trained personnel are not needing to interpret someone else thoughts.  In addition, having call center staff with a robust knowledge of pharmacovigilance has greatly reduced the amount of coding errors and led to more complete cases.  A correct interpretation of the call can greatly impact product profile in the long term.


Reflecting our values:

Leveraging expertise within pharmacovigilance and medical information to create a fluid low volume call center and case processing model demonstrates our core value of partnership. Ashfield partnered internally and with the client to provide a robust range of capabilities and easily accessible data.

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