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Patient insight is crucial in psoriasis, as there is often a disconnect between the healthcare professionals (HCPs) view of a ‘successful’ treatment and the patients’ attitudes towards their residual disease. Our client wanted to reinforce their reputation for patient-centricity by incorporating the patient story into their activities at a US dermatology congress at which several competing symposia would be presenting phase 3 data.



Our team of medical writers and patient experts developed a symposium programme exploring the burden of psoriasis from a patient perspective. We invited faculty members who were keen to share their patient-focused approach with the audience. To be truly patient-centric and to bring further depth to the patient story, we included a patient speaker on the faculty. Ashfield Healthcare Communications worked with the client, the chair and the patient speaker to weave the patient story into the programme through a series of interviews and Q&A sessions. Additionally, our thorough understanding of healthcare meetings management and compliance helped us deliver the meeting seamlessly.



The client was delighted with the final patient support programme, and the faculty provided very positive feedback. The patient speaker was thrilled with the experience and would be happy to work with our client and Ashfield Healthcare Communications again. Feedback from the audience was also outstanding, with many comments from healthcare professionals around the importance of connecting with patients about disease management, goals and expectations.


How this helped patients

We capitalised on our scientific expertise in the therapeutic area and combined it with our understanding of our client’s strategy to clearly differentiate the symposium from the competitors’. This enhanced understanding among healthcare professionals about the true burden of psoriasis on patients, so HCPs are now better able to communicate with and treat their patients.

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