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Our client, a global pharmaceutical company with a significant presence in consumer healthcare, had announced a voluntary product recall. Within days, the number of calls to their call center had tripled from the usual volume. Many calls contained adverse event information. A backlog at the call center resulted in a large volume of cases being transmitted to Ashfield within a short time frame. It was essential that regulatory timelines were met.

Ashfield Pharmacovigilance, whose services are delivered by Ashfield company Drug Safety Alliance, was already working with the client and their team structure enabled them to accommodate some of the initial increase in volume. Together, we rapidly hired and trained additional staff from an existing pool of experienced case managers. We also held weekly reviews so that potential adverse events were more visible and resources could be adjusted effectively.

By combining the existing team’s knowledge with experienced additional staff, Ashfield Pharmacovigilance made sure a high volume of adverse events were processed, with key performance indicators and deadlines met. We successfully managed fluctuating case volume through the scalability and flexibility of our staff.

The client said
“They are extremely detail-oriented, which is an asset when working with many different style reports. They delivered excellent quality, with friendly staff.”

How this helped patients
By dealing effectively with the recall and adverse events, we helped the client prioritise patient safety and minimize risk quickly.

Reflecting our values
• Partnership: We continued to build on our strong partnership with an existing client, coming to their assistance with extra resources and expertise.
• Quality: We provided a flexible, scalable, experienced team to address a pressing issue.
• Expertise: Our expertise enabled us to address backlogs quickly and handle the recall effectively.

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