The challenge

  • Our client’s existing meetings program was complex, ineffective and not uniformly followed
  • Countries and regions were operating is silos with no link to a global policy
  • An ever-changing business landscape and evolving structure resulted in loss of focus in this important area

Our approach

  • In partnership with the client, we defined objectives, created a phased implementation plan with clear achievable goals
  • In the discovery phase, key global stakeholders were consulted to address barriers, gain buy-in and support the change
  • The establishment of a new meetings policy enabled stakeholders to easily reference guidelines and understand the SMMP
  • To focus on generating big data and metrics, the SMMP was centralized around the utilization of a technology platform

The outcome

  • Launched a global policy to which all stakeholders are held accountable to enable smart-decision making
  • Created and implemented targeted SLAs to ensure ongoing measurement and validation of the program
  • KPIs ranged from customer service satisfaction to cost savings and accurate compliance reporting
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