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This global client needed a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape to guide their brand strategy for several major central nervous system products. This understanding would provide insights into prescribers, patient populations, diseases (bipolar, schizophrenia, neuroses, etc.), treatments being used and patient outcomes. Previously the client had used syndicated real-world data sources that didn’t completely meet their needs.



We proposed a customised real-world study programme to cover the client’s broad ranging objectives. Across four such studies we collected and analysed data from 15 markets, 2,900 physicians and 15,000 patient records. We also included 5,500 patient-completed questionnaires to allow us to compare the physicians’ and patients’ viewpoints.



We provided the client with insight-based global presentations for each disease area, covering their key strategic questions. Individual brand-level and country-level reports were also provided as required.

In addition to this, we delivered an interactive dashboard that allows the client to visually analyse all their data and drill down into specific physician/patient/drug sub-groups, and to build their own reports. These dashboards have proved extremely valuable for clients with their analysts using them as one of their main data sources.

In one of the disease area programmes, we validated a patient clinical tool (that we had previously validated in qualitative interviews). This is now in the process of being published in a clinical journal.



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