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  • Strategic communications

    Insight-driven scientific and educational platforms

    Our insight-led commercial and medical affairs communications strategies thoroughly assess your data, target audiences and competitors, while always considering the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Moreover, we ensure the engagement of your internal multidisciplinary team to create relevant and powerful scientific programs which benefit your stakeholders.

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  • Live & Virtual Meetings

    Blending innovation with traditional formats to engage audiences

    Effective engagement with key audiences is a critical aspect of your communications plan. By blending traditional live meetings with innovative virtual delivery, we provide you with tailored solutions which specifically meet your objectives. Furthermore, with our insight-driven success in building and delivering meeting programs, we can help you extend the reach of your live and virtual meetings and maximize the experience of all your attendees.

  • Creative Branding & Marketing

    Beautifully crafted design

    Our specialists are driven to create brilliant creative communications. We work collaboratively with you to enhance the communication of science. Our team is our asset. They are the ones who create the strategies, the user experiences, as well as the branding and creativity. They are an eclectic bunch; made up of ambitious, proud and fiercely competitive people. There’s one thing we all have in common and that’s our desire to create things that connect.

    Our strategic methodology starts with insight-led thinking and stakeholder collaboration. We focus on articulating the messages, aspirations and positioning of your projects, and quickly shape those ideas into visual concepts. Making your ideas real, we express the brand across multiple communication channels and formats, strongly believing that delivering the right information at the right time via the right channel is key to a successful campaign.

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  • Digital Strategy & Solutions

    Strategic thinking and innovation

    Our experts develop original and insight-driven solutions. Working in partnership with you, we deliver big ideas across every communication channel.

    Our approach is always insight-led, with our strategists scoping out the landscape and identifying metrics for your campaign’s success. Putting the user at the heart of the journey, we aim to shape every customer experience. From interactive design, through to technological innovation and development, we strive to deliver influential communications with lasting value and impact.

    Our center of excellence for all things digital – Ashfield Digital & Creative – combines expertise in health care with forward-thinking ingenuity. To find out more, please contact us or see Ashfield Digital & Creative.

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  • Publication Planning & Medical Writing

    Connecting science with communications

    Our 40 years of experience in publication planning excellence ensure we know how to effectively disseminate data. However, to truly understand what is communicated and heard, we use PinPoint.

    Our PinPoint approach integrates classical and digital channels to determine whether medical opinion and understanding reflects published data. Moreover, we employ unique alternative metrics to identify the most relevant communication channels and measure the true reach of your publications and data.

    Our highly qualified and insightful medical writing teams will work with you to understand your specific needs, to develop an effective and customized multichannel publication plan. Operating from principles of trust and transparency we liaise with authors, journals and internal stakeholders to translate complex scientific data into clear, clinically relevant publications.

    The teams working with you are fully trained to follow all relevant codes of practice, including good publication practice, and your own internal compliance procedures.

  • External Expert Programs

    External expert engagement connected across multiple channels

    Wouldn’t it be great if you . . .

    – Had a robust, 360° process for identifying and profiling contemporary external experts in both traditional and digital spaces?
    – Found a customized, flexible and dynamic solution to ensure that external expert identification is aligned to your specific objectives?
    – Were able to capture peer nominations to truly understand networks and real-world connections?
    – Knew that communication would be consistent, relevant and compliant with guidelines and codes of practice?
    – Could define a clear strategy for external expert engagement and create credible programs and tactics?

    Our proprietary approach for identifying, mapping and profiling your external experts – which we call eX3– is built upon a foundation of industry-leading insights, innovation and excellence. From planning your strategy to planning your tactics, execution to engagement, our contemporary range of modular services will create a customized platform for the identification and subsequent engagement of respected external experts across multiple channels.

  • Medical Education

    Insight-driven programs that improve patient care

    We are passionate about collaborating with you to support healthcare professionals in achieving the best possible outcomes for patients. We strive for excellence in all aspects of medical education.

    Our agencies ensure that each initiative they undertake is:

    –  Accurate and credible
    Our specialist teams offer industry-leading insights across a vast range of therapeutic areas. Furthermore, we’ve built strong relationships with leading scientific experts, including professional bodies, to ensure that knowledge shared is unbiased, trustworthy and contributes to all aspects of professional development.

    – Accessible and engaging
    In their hectic schedules, healthcare professionals and patients need a variety of access points to education. As such, be it traditional classroom-based sessions or on-demand webcasts on multiple devices, we have the skills and resources to deliver. Whichever format we use, we work hard to ensure the information is presented in a stimulating way that engages audiences and maximizes knowledge retention.

    – Able to improve patient care
    For us, delivery is only the first half of a project. We also aim to understand what delegates have learned, and the impact the program has had on them. Only by doing this do we build a collaborative partnership that enhances the clinical impact of your initiatives.

  • Scientific PR

    Bringing the stories behind the science to life

    We understand the need to communicate the stories that often lie hidden within complex clinical or technical data, in order to educate, inform and engage audiences. We do this by:

    Identifying what matters to our audiences

    – Our PR specialists combine deep scientific knowledge and understanding with communications expertise which allows them to cut through data, product or disease facts and identify what really matters to different audiences. Understanding our audiences and knowing what matters to them allows for insight-led, targeted communications programs which result in genuine engagement on topics important to our clients.

    Communicating stories, not just facts

    – Through targeted story-telling we can bring to life the impact of our clients’ medicines and healthcare strategies on patients’ lives and clinical practice. We do this by ‘unwrapping’ data and interpreting it in ways that make the story it’s telling easily accessible and memorable, while still ensuring the science is at the heart of the stories we tell.

    Knowing which communications channels to use, and when

    – Our scientific PR programs are part of integrated, pharma brand-marketing strategies and are designed to reach audiences through multiple communications channels, including traditional medical and consumer media (print, broadcast, radio, digital, video), social media (including blogs, Twitter, content hubs), thought leaders (including healthcare professionals, patient/consumer groups) and employees.

    Measuring impact

    – The benefits of scientific PR can be significant; we understand the need to make these benefits tangible and demonstrate return on investment for our clients. We work with clients to understand the metrics most meaningful to them and set appropriate targets for communications initiatives before they commence.

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  • eLearning & Training

    Interactive learning solutions built upon expert content

    Using blended learning techniques combined with our in-house scientific expertise, we develop insight-driven training solutions which address all your learning needs. With access to a wide range of platforms and devices, we provide the highest quality content to enhance learning and development. Whether it is full service training platforms or individual learning modules, we have the expertise to deliver insightful, flexible, end-to-end solutions that help your audiences get the knowledge they need.

  • Healthcare Strategy Consulting

    Industry-leading strategy for your brand and portfolio

    Our strategic consulting agency, InterPhase Consult, fully understands your markets and business, can solve the challenges that determine the success of your brand or portfolio, technology or business, and delivers innovative and durable solutions for long-term advantage.

    Understand. Solve. Deliver.


    – Our customer-centric solutions are designed to help you go beyond market understanding to design and implement astute commercial strategy.


    – Our expert approach to scenario planning and launch excellence gives you confidence that the differentiating potential of your product or portfolio is fully maximized during all phases of its life cycle.


    – As trusted advisors with access to a network of 5,500 experts in 22 countries, we have the resources to deliver a comprehensive range of services, from concept ideation to performance tracking and management, and all stages in between.

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  • Oxford, UK.

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications c/o
    Watermeadow Medical
    Range Road
    OX29 0YN

  • Tytherington, UK.

    Hazelwood House
    Larkwood Way
    Tytherington Business Park
    SK10 2XR

  • Ashby de la Zouch, UK.

    Ashfield House,
    Resolution Road,
    Ashby de la Zouch,
    LE65 1HW, UK

  • Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Ashfield Nordic ApS
    Larsbjornsstraede 3
    1454 Copenhagen

  • Nicola Duckworth / Managing Director

    After gaining her PhD in Endocrinological Pharmacology, Nicola started her medical writing career at Watermeadow in 2001. Since then, she has progressed to her current role as Business Unit Director. Nicola leads a team of around 40 staff to deliver world-class healthcare communications across the globe, encouraging and fostering a team approach. Nicola develops strong and successful relationships with key clients, procurement teams and healthcare professionals, striving to understand their needs in order to provide effective, multichannel solutions

    Contact Nicola Duckworth at

  • Sarah Thomas / Project Manager (Publications)

    Sarah graduated from University College London with a BSc in Biology and worked for a medical publisher before pursuing a Masters in Biology (Integrative Bioscience) at the University of Oxford. Following this, Sarah worked in London for 3.5 years as Editor of several quarterly medical journals. This role involved commissioning, editing and re-writing articles, whilst planning content of the journals. Sarah has a personal interest in public health research, investigating tobacco legislation, mental health referral times, and assisting a science policy think-tank. She joined Watermeadow in April 2011 as Project Manager (Publications) and has obtained her CMPP qualification

    Contact Sarah Thomas at

  • Murray Edmunds / Director of Medical Writing

    Murray graduated in Biology in 1982 before joining the UK Pharmaceutical industry. Working for Merck Lipha, he gained wide commercial experience, working as a sales representative, field trainer, product manager (clinical nutrition) and training manager. In the latter position, he developed a particular interest in cardiovascular medicine, but also gained knowledge of psychiatry, dermatology, rheumatology, and radiography. Murray has been a medical writer since 1995 and, in 1999, Murray teamed up with former colleague, Paul Hilditch, in the newly-evolving Watermeadow. He has subsequently become Director of Medical Writing, ensuring excellence in writing quality and scientific accuracy of content

    Contact Murray Edmunds at

  • Liz Southey / Editorial Director

    Liz is a graduate in Pharmacology with an MSc in Science, Communication and Culture. As part of her studies Liz worked for Science and wrote for the journal’s website for young scientists, Nextwave. After completing her dissertation on the portrayal of Tamoxifen in the media and in the scientific literature, Liz worked as Drugs Editor for a medical website,, producing the pharmaceutical content for a wide range of illnesses and disorders. Joining Watermeadow in 2001 as an Associate Medical Writer, she is now Editorial Director, assisting with account group management and resource planning

    Contact Liz Southey at

  • Lesley Jacques / Editorial Director

    Lesley graduated from the University of Lancaster with a BSc in pure physics and maths. Following a number of years working in the physical sciences, Lesley moved into science communication, working with clients including the UK Research Councils and Exxon Chemical. Lesley was nominated for the BT Technology Journalist of the year award, and also received a number of accolades from the British Association of Communicators in Business. In 2000, Lesley moved into a medical writing role, and has since delivered communication and publication programmes, facilitated strategy development and provided training for client teams. Lesley joined Watermeadow in November 2011

    Contact Lesley Jacques at

  • Karen Robinson / Account Director

    Karen graduated from Southampton University in 2001 with a degree in Biology and Oceanography. Following this, she worked as a research scientist at the Wellcome Trust Centre of Human Genetics (WTCHG) in Oxford for over 3 years, focusing her research on cardiac energetics in heart failure.

    Karen moved into medical communications in 2006 before joining Watermeadow in 2008, initially as a project manager, and eventually heading up the events team in 2010. More recently, Karen has joined the Commercial Services Team at Watermeadow as Account Director, responsible for account planning and development as well as new business and company marketing

    Contact Karen Robinson at

  • Julie Sawyers / Senior Medical Writer

    Julie graduated from the University of Bath in 2005 with a BSc and Masters in Biology. During her degree, Julie spent a year on an industrial placement, and returned to work in R&D when she graduated. Over the next 6 years, Julie worked as a research scientist, before moving into medical communications as a Medical Writer in 2011. Since then, Julie has worked across a wide range of educational and promotional projects, including manuscripts, slide kits, advisory board meetings and symposia.

    Contact Julie Sawyers at

  • Grant Womack / Senior Medical Editor

    Grant obtained his Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) from Queensland University of Technology (Australia), majoring in medical biotechnology. He moved to the UK in 2001 and worked in plant engineering, drug discovery and medical research for 3 years, which was followed by 5 years in the academic and medical publishing industry. Grant’s career as a medical editor started in 2010 and his initial role exposed him to an array of project types and therapy areas, perfectly preparing him for the role of Senior Medical Editor at Watermeadow. Recently, Grant has obtained his CMPP certification

    Contact Grant Womack at

  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications is gold sponsor of the 13th Annual Meeting of ISMPP, National Harbor, Maryland

    This year’s theme, “Advancing ethics and scientific integrity in an era of data-sharing” will explore topics such as responsible data sharing, challenges in using patient-reported outcomes and assessing publication impact in an online world, to name a few. Delegates will also be able to choose from a number of workshops such as “How to integrate…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications opens virtual career advice clinics

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications announces the external launch of its Ask Career Experts (ACE) Panel. This initiative, previously only available as an internal service for Ashfield employees, is a series of confidential, virtual career advice clinics for the wider healthcare communications community. The career clinics are aimed at individuals already working in healthcare communications but looking…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield to present at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2017 conference

    On day one Lee Wales, VP Strategy, will be sharing his thoughts on “The age of personalization: adopting a customer-focused mindset to create more engaging and effective medical affairs programs” at 14:30 CET within the Medical Affairs track. Join us for this session and you will learn how to: Gain a deeper understanding of your…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Watermeadow Medical shows its commitment to training and developing its staff

    Nicola notes that “A medical communications agency is entirely dependent on its staff. We set ourselves high standards regarding their training and development, and we strive to provide clarity about how staff can help the organisation achieve its goals.” Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People, said: “Achieving the Investors in People Silver standard is something…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications is gold sponsor of the European meeting of ISMPP 2017, London

    The theme of this year’s meeting “The evolving role of publication professionals in a multi-stakeholder environment” has a number of interesting presentation sessions planned focussing on a range of topics: Sharing Patient Level Data, Best Practice for Scientific Communication Platforms, Transfer of Value and much more! Delegates will also be able to choose from a…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Opening drives expansion for Ashfield Healthcare Communications

    Having recently expanded our Scottish presence with new larger offices in Glasgow, these are exciting times for us. Our goal is to offer talented people the best place to build a career in healthcare communications, wherever they’re based in the UK. Adding Ashby-de-la-Zouch to our office portfolio means we can offer career opportunities to the…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Life at Ashfield Healthcare Communications

    We were approached by students from Macclesfield College during the summer term as part of their digital communications project. “The students had a real interest in science and brought a fresh perspective and creative ideas to our recruitment drive campaign,” said Tracey Ellis, HR Recruiter at Ashfield Healthcare Communications. The three students and their tutor from Macclesfield…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications at 11th Annual Meeting of ISMPP

    Ashfield Healthcare Communications are sponsors of the Annual Meeting of ISMPP, taking place 27 – 29 April 2015 in Arlington, Virginia. The team will have a booth in the exhibition area and are also active participants in the meeting. Angela Cairns, Senior Vice President, Global Compliance Team Leader will be a panel member in a…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield Meetings & Events and Medex-Media align services

    Nicola Burns (Global Managing Director, Ashfield Meetings & Events) said: “The strategic and complementary acquisition of KnowledgePoint360 Group has strengthened two of the Ashfield Division’s areas of expertise; Healthcare Communications and Meetings & Events. This is aligned to current client demand for our business to combine services across these specialist areas and provide innovative solutions…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield adds value for clients through its ‘one-stop-shop’ multichannel capabilities

    Insight: Our client, who was looking to launch a diagnostic platform across multiple geographical markets, needed the development and implementation of a strategic multichannel communications plan, targeted at both clinical and laboratory audiences. Idea: A multi-agency, multiskilled proposition was taken up by the client combining ACUMED’s heritage in multichannel communications with the consulting and proprietary…

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  • Healthcare and Communications /

    Ashfield extends external expertize for its clients with eX3

    Insight: Our client needed to identify external experts in the laboratory and clinical global communities to engage and educate around their infectious disease, diagnostic platform in pre-launch phase Idea: Our proprietary solution, eX3, a holistic approach to expert identification and engagement, combining traditional and online authority and presence and metrics, met our clients’ needs Impact:…

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