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An ever increasing demand for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) coupled with field capacity limitations require innovative, cost-effective approaches to executing scientific engagement plans.  Furthermore, the number of KOLs who prefer to interact virtually continues to grow significantly with nearly half identifying as part of an “online KOL” community.

“For a number of years, we’ve recognized the need for fully integrated service offerings that leverage alternative channels via telephone or digital  in the commercial setting with HCPs—we’ve found an even greater opportunity in the clinical setting with KOLs,” said Greg Flynn, US Regional President of Commercial & Clinical.

Ashfield is pleased to announce Dan McCormick, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy & Innovation, will oversee the expansion of Ashfield’s multi-channel field and remote MSL service solution.

Dan joins Ashfield from Amgen where he spent over a decade in roles of increasing responsibility, most recently Director, Global Business Solutions. Dan is a credible industry executive whose broad perspective is a culmination of experience that spans numerous sales, marketing and strategy roles where he has engaged nearly every medical, commercial and operations function to deliver results.

“We are delighted with Dan’s addition to Ashfield,” comments Amy Van Sant, US President of Medical Affairs. “We share a vision for leveraging digital expertise with both our field and remote teams to provide flexible solutions that improve our clients’ overall Medical Affairs strategy and effectiveness.”

Industry evidence as well as successfully executed pilots indicate a significant opportunity for integrating a scalable, dedicated remote MSL staffing solution (i.e. Remote Scientific Liaisons) into the overall MSL footprint.

“Biopharma resource constraints often drive tough trade-offs when reallocating valuable field MSL expertise to higher portfolio priorities,” remarks Dan.  “Some companies abandon established KOL relationships in select therapeutic areas when prioritizing scientific exchange with others critical to launch planning and execution.”  Dan adds, “even if field resources were unlimited, remote geographies, vacancies and access issues may prevent even effective field teams from adequately reaching all of its MSL responsibilities.”

This innovative model gives the field MSL team a strategic partner, enabling the field to focus on its highest priorities.  In addition to sole or shared coverage of KOLs, the field MSL is unable to reach or sufficiently engage, the MSL team may also rely on RSLs for some time consuming activities; examples include following up on field sales requests for response to physician inquiries or coordinating advisory boards.

Ashfield offers cost-effective exponential increases in KOL reach and frequency.  By restructuring channels in an integrated manner and leveraging digital expertise, Ashfield further optimizes cross-portfolio scientific engagement plans with enhanced KOL interactions.

To learn more about Ashfield’s pioneering MSL capability and its potential strategic implications, please email Dan at