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Healthcare service provider UDG Healthcare (formerly United Drug plc) has rebranded its Sales, Marketing and Medical Services division as Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services.

The new Ashfield brand integrates a range of services to provide a flexible and versatile offering to the European healthcare industry.


By cross-connecting its services across eight specialist areas, Ashfield intends to strengthen its outsourcing role as its clients’ in-house capacity shrinks.


Having acquired 16 companies over the last 14 years, Ashfield is now a leading outsourced service provider for the pharma industry and healthcare professionals.


Services provided by the new division include meetings and event management, telesales solutions, market research, business intelligence, training, nursing services, pharmacovigilance, medical information and healthcare communications.


Ashfield Commercial and Medical Services comprises eight business units: Clinical Europe, Commercial Europe, Healthcare Communications, Insight and Performance, Market Access, Medical Information, Meetings & Events, and Pharmacovigilance.


“We have looked ahead at the challenges and opportunities faced by pharma companies in the UK and internationally in the coming years and have transformed how we operate to better meet these needs,” said Gareth Davies, Global Marketing, Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services.


“Firstly we have organised our business under eight areas of specialism and we have launched this structure under the Ashfield name – this makes it far easier for our clients to understand the breadth of expertise we can offer and makes it easier for them to tap into the expertise they need.


“We can build cross-functional project teams as required. Our business has grown rapidly and we have also invested in making sure all of our businesses and employees understand what each other does. This has enabled us to develop solutions that harness expertise across our areas of specialism – for example, teaming up our market research capability with our sales teams or our healthcare communications businesses with our meetings and events business.


“Increasingly this is what our clients are asking for, they are finding their head office infrastructures are smaller than they were and they need business partners that make things happen in a more efficient way, offering more and getting results while streamlining communication and processes.”

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