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At Ashfield Canada, we’re of the mindset that, though we’ve never been so far apart, we’ve also never been more unified in the face of the unprecedented circumstances caused by COVID-19. Despite the measures in social distancing, we’ve uncovered some silver linings and ramped up communication in a way that draws us much closer as partners in business, and as people.


Our teams continue to work remotely as part of the efforts to “Flatten the Curve” and our Contact Center is still delivering thousands of successful sales and service calls. This is a testament to not only the technological capabilities we possess, but more importantly the dedication of our talented employees. These individuals are managing a completely new approach to work-life balance and are absolutely excelling.

We’ve introduced our Field by Phone™ offering, an innovation for productivity within field sales teams who are facing challenges due to limited HCP access. This service provides our expertise in training and the secure, cloud-based technology needed to connect with HCPs virtually. Additionally, all our representatives are supported by our SampleCupboard and Physicians Online platforms which allow them to take orders and send much needed samples and materials, such as patient education tools, directly to HCPs who need them.

Overall, I have been inspired by our teams and our clients’ commitment to maintaining focus on putting patients first. Though these are trying times, the resilience of people and dedication to helping others always overcomes challenges.

If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to assist you during these times, please do not hesitate to connect with us. As partners, we are dedicated to your success.

Stay well,

Jason Erickson