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Ashfield has announced that it will be implementing Salesforce Health Cloud – the patient relationship platform that helps care providers collaborate more efficiently, better understand their patients and build stronger relationships across their entire care teams. Ashfield is advancing its offering by using Health Cloud for its patient support programs in the United States and Europe.

With expertise in designing and delivering a wide range of patient support programs, Ashfield has been supporting pharmaceutical and healthcare companies for over 15 years across a large range of therapeutic areas. With Health Cloud, Ashfield is centralizing all patient information in one place, ensuring that caregivers and healthcare providers get a complete view of each patient and their unique needs. As a result, all parties will be able to provide more personalized care.

Nareda Mills, Senior Vice President of US Patient Services at Ashfield, commented: “As a platform, Health Cloud is the perfect fit for Ashfield’s approach to patient support programs. We design tailored care plans, so that each patient receives the right message, through the best channel and at the appropriate frequency.” “We want to provide a connected experience between patients, carers, healthcare professionals, Ashfield clinical educator teams and care co-ordinators – with everyone aligned around patients’ needs and their care journey. Health Cloud enables this process in a more sophisticated and efficient way than ever before.”

Nagore Fernandez, Head of Patient Services at Ashfield for Europe, added: “We need the right technology to deliver multi-channel engagement whilst collecting and responding to real world data. Health Cloud will be a real advantage for our multi-country programs as we can ensure local compliance whilst tracking global data and delivering accurate reports. Our clients will also benefit from faster set-up time as well as increased flexibility and scalability of patient support programs.”


Joshua Newman, M.D., chief medical officer at Salesforce, said: “Technology is driving a change in patient expectations, and healthcare companies are under increasing pressure to use modern, smart technology to foster strong patient relationships. With Health Cloud, Ashfield is enhancing its patient support programs, enabling more personalized, 1-to-1 communication with patients about their disease, as well as the right level of support to help them stay on track with their prescribed course of therapy.”

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