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Join the conversation about the patient-centric approach pharma is talking about.


We’re hosting a one-hour webinar, “Challenging the conventional commercial model” to share this patient-centric approach that delivers value to patients, prescribers and office teams. Presented by John Gerow, Service Team Strategy Partner, Ashfield, this presentation will explain the reason so many of our clients are adapting this approach to their existing field sales strategies.

Learn about how the field service team benefits patients and customers:

  • Provides greater productivity and visits to offices over traditional field representative
  • At a lower cost per contact
  • With proven value to HCP and patients

Answer the questions:

  • What are the differences between the service representative and traditional field representative?
  • How does their role interact with existing field teams?
  • Why would a client want a customer service representative instead of or in addition to traditional field representative?
  • How do Ashfield clients benefit from this new model?

The inspiration behind hosting a full webinar on the subject came from the incredible amount of feedback we received from the audience at eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2017 (April 21-22). Pharma always wants to know what pharma is doing next. In a changing sales landscape, this model provides a glimpse into the future of field sales and an alternative for brands that need visibility or a refresher with HCPs.

No matter where a brand falls in the product life cycle, this model can rejuvenate its value or launch specialty into new or untapped markets. Find out how it can work for your business by registering today!

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