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Nareda Mills, Head of Patient Services for the US, shares insights on what it takes to launch and measure a successful patient support program. 

Patients, payers and healthcare professionals have high expectations for patient support programs (PSPs). Pharma’s ambition is to deliver a truly differentiated service with measurable results and improved patient outcomes. But is this ambition always achieved?

Discover 5 ways to make your PSP a success:

  • Get invaluable insights based on 12 years’ experience of creating successful PSPs
  • Learn to design, deliver and measure a program that really stands out
  • Take away practical dos and don’ts that will change the way you think about PSPs

Answer the questions:

  • How do we define success and add value to lots of different stakeholders – internally and externally?
  • How can we understand patients’ needs and use individualized care plans to successfully change behavior?
  • What does a ‘single view of the patient’ really mean and how does it work?
  • What tactics can we use to enroll more patients?

A successful Patient Support Program should serve the needs of the patients and improve adherence, but each organization has its own set of goals and objectives. On the webinar, you’ll learn how to guide the process of defining the goals, measuring them, working with stakeholders and the common assumptions that should be avoided.

Even when you have the strongest plan and most concise goals, it’s imperative to understand the patient. In this webinar, you’ll also learn the value of patient personas and segmentation as keys to success.
If you have been following the Patient Support blog series, this webinar provides an opportunity to dive farther into the subject – click the banner to register, then catch up on the conversation by checking out the blog series.

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