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Discover tested and proven solutions to manage territory vacancies.

Attrition is a major challenge for healthcare companies – pharmaceutical field sales teams deal with turnover at such a rate that many managers factor the losses as part of a plan. Rather than expect the losses, there are innovative and simple solutions to maintain share of voice and even promote growth in the face of attrition. The Vacancy Trap is a concept that defines the cyclical damage to brands caused by inevitable resignations or reductions in sales teams. Having seen the repetitive damage that can be caused by not having a plan for an event that happens often, Ashfield has expertise in crafting solutions for these teams.

To share Ashfield’s approach to this common challenge, Tyler Cowan, VP of Client Solutions for Ashfield US, is presenting a one-hour webinar that answers the questions:

  • What is the Vacancy Trap?
  • How can I tell if my teams are experiencing this?
  • How does attrition impact brand value and share of voice?
  • Are there methods to overcome this challenge if my teams are experiencing it?
  • What can be done to avoid the Vacancy Trap in the future?

Register today to learn more about how the Vacancy Trap develops and how to avoid it: click here to register.

Tyler has over 14 years of healthcare industry experience in Pharmaceutical Sales, Primary and Specialty Care Marketing, Reimbursement and Market Access, Field Sales Management and over 7 years’ experience building commercial and clinical solutions with Ashfield.  These diverse roles have spanned therapeutic areas including: Oncology, GI, Cardiovascular Medicines, MS, Anti-Infectives, Pain, CNS and respiratory medicines.  Tyler is also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Inside/Remote detailing design and implementation, building teams in both Canada and the US for over 12 years.



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