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Ashfield Meetings & Events has welcomed a new set of employees into the third year of its Future Focus staff development program.

After an extensive assessment day, the Ivyland-based agency welcomed 13 employees across various operational departments (logistics, finance, sales, marketing, and venue sourcing) to the 2017 program. Each will be given a personalized development plan which will act as their objectives to their Future Focus journey.

The initiative was created to identify individuals with the potential to fill future, critical roles within Ashfield Meetings & Events and its growing sister brand, SPARK THINKING. The two-year program has been designed to create an environment that allows the individuals on the program to explore their own potential and explore development opportunities. The agency aims to create well-rounded individuals with a wider understanding of the events sector, our client’s sectors and the wider Ashfield business.

Gavin Houston (CEO Americas) commented: “We are delighted that so many of our employees chose to apply to be on the program. These new recruits have already demonstrated our values, exuding energy and a commitment to excellence. Our agency truly understands the benefits of developing our workforce and it is incredible to be able to give back to previous Future Focus talent by supporting their development and progression into more senior roles.”

Megan Bachmann (Project Manager), who started the program in 2015, praised the initiative: “One of the most beneficial pieces of Future Focus was meeting with various experts in the industry. It was a privilege to sit down with current leaders of both Ashfield and UDG to hear what advice they had for Future Focus members who are striving to better themselves personally and professionally. A great piece of advice was that we should all strive together as a team towards greatness and not go at it alone, as many tasks and workshops we worked on were a group effort.”

The Future Focus internal program is running in parallel with Ashfield’s UK office, where six employees have been enrolled.

Ashfield Meetings & Events continues to identify future leaders
Last year’s Future Focus group visiting Ashfield Healthcare’s sister company, Sharp Packaging Services, located in Allentown, PA. Learning more about the wider organizations support Future Focus’s mission of personal and professional development.