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Ashfield’s knowledge aids Meetings & Conventions Magazine as they dive deep into ways to create better experiences for healthcare professionals during the lifecycle of an event.

Katie Koziol (Director Of Client Services) spoke with Meetings & Conventions Magazine to interpret themes from Ashfield’s Science Of Meetings study on ways to create better experiences for attendees at pharmaceutical meetings. Her fundamental experience stems from an extensive background in meeting planning and her current role allows her to shape Ashfield’s approach, given her first-hand knowledge of the industry and data derived from the study.

Koziol understands that medical planners are severely distracted and even restricted from focusing on the attendee’s experience at events: “There is that gap between what we are allowed to do in a regulated environment and accomplishing our job of ensuring the best attendee experience possible.”

Key to ensuring better engagement starts early on in the process. Koziol clarifies: “We can easily add in a few questions to registration forms and include open-ended questions like what topics they most want to discuss. We can share that feedback with our stakeholders while they’re creating the agenda, so they can focus on the right areas.”

The article continues, covering tactics to deliver better content to attendees, the future of virtual meetings and the ultimate way to bridge the gap between compliance restrictions and a positive experience for healthcare professionals.

You can read the full feature here.

Ashfield offers advice on improving the event experiences of healthcare professionals