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UDG Healthcare plc has integrated its sales, marketing and medical services within one division, Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services.  The new division combines eight service areas under the Ashfield umbrella and utilises a partnership approach to bring greater insight, more flexibility, and ingenuity to its services for global customers and clients.

Highly successful individual business brands including Ashfield In2Focus, Business Edge, Pharmexx, InforMed, Watermeadow Medical, Pharma Marketing Academy and Universal WorldEvents have been brought under the Ashfield brand to provide even more value to clients through a cross-functional business approach.

Ashfield’s eight areas of expertise are: Ashfield Commercial; Ashfield Clinical; Ashfield Healthcare Communications; Ashfield Insight & Performance; Ashfield Market Access; Ashfield Medical Information; Ashfield Meetings & Events; Ashfield Pharmacovigilance.

Ashfield provides solutions throughout the product lifecycle, from managing investigator meetings and developing scientific communications, through to organising advisory boards and conducting market research to develop brand strategy.  On product approval, Ashfield provides marketing consultancy, designs and organises launch conferences and implements sales force effectiveness programmes, then delivers sales solutions via its multi-channel field and call centre services.  In addition, Ashfield provides clinical education, patient support programmes and medical information services to ensure patients and healthcare professionals receive the information and support they need.

Through an integration of services and a collaborative culture, Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services is able to harness excellence across its areas of expertise, working in partnership with clients to deliver its global services more effectively, ensuring impact, accelerating effectiveness and securing efficiency – making a real difference to businesses.

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