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For the winter edition of Special Events magazine, Ashfield Meetings & Events exchanged ideas on the best tech tools for engaging event audiences.

David Kerr (Senior Director of Creative & Production Services) discussed his preferred techniques to encourage event attendee interaction and create a more personalized meeting journey. The feature (Tech Takes Its Star Turn) covered the latest trends that are being adopted at events and gave advice on how to choose the best solution aligned with your strategic goals.

David said: “Several technologies put presentations into the hands of the audience, allowing them to interact directly with slides, presenters and peers. Audiences can zoom in on slide content of interest, make notes directly on slides, or ask questions that can be addressed in real time or flagged for follow-up.”

Additionally, Kerr says technology has a smart application where many might not expect it: “Instead of a traditional general session or agenda poster, we can embed custom video with a message from your keynote speaker or company CEO, encouraging you to attend a session.”

David also spoke about his favorite technology tool, NH Hotels’ 3D meeting planner. “It’s great for conceptualizing the layout and flow of an event as you can configure a room to your specifications and view it virtually.”

David has twenty years’ experience in production services. He is responsible for overseeing all creative and production for Ashfield Meetings & Events in the US and spoke about audience engagement techniques at Pharma Forum earlier this month.

You can read the full article here.

Ashfield talks audience engagement with Special Events magazine